We use the
latest tech and libraries

Full stack

Our dedicated Shopify full stack web developers use the latest technology and architecture to bring your ideas to life.



Our front-end development team leverages best in class technology including responsive markup and HTML5, CSS3 and animations, Vanilla JavaScript, ReactJS, VueJS, Angular, Next JS and more.

We deliver fast and optimized user experiences.



Our expert back-end developers utilize PHP, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, C# and Python to provide a performance optimized codebase.



Our team has a strong base of PHP development across multiple platforms.


Other tech

Our team can help with items that live outside of Shopify including:
– Middleware development apps to extend Shopify features
– API Integrations
– DevOps to manage servers and hosting


Data Transfer

Ready to make the switch to Shopify but not sure what happens to your legacy data? MTN Haus has completed complex data migrations from all types of e-Commerce platforms including Magento, WooCommerce and Big Commerce to Shopify.

Depending on your needs, we use native Shopify solutions or third party apps along with the Shopify API.

Technology Partners. Power your business.

We partner with the best platforms in the industry. Whether you require a flexible open source tech stack to solve complex business problems or a user friendly SaaS solution, MTN Haus can deliver a solution to meet your needs.


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