Experts at complex integrations.


Our team can seamlessly integrate your current CRM, WHM and other business systems. We provide custom solutions when APIs are not available.


API Integrations

We are experts at API integrations and handle everything from ERP to marketing automations and subscriptions. We can fully leverage the power of the Shopify Plus API and develop custom integrations when an off the shelf solution is not available.


Custom Integrations

Our team has built complex custom integrations for our clients utilizing the Shopify Plus API. These range from customer facing commerce features to business logic integrations.


Custom Shopify Applications

We use NodeJS, PHP, Ruby on Rails or the language of your choice to create custom applications and middlewares. We can fully leverage the Shopify Plus API to extend your application functionality.



We handle integrations with NetSuite using FarApp and Celigo. Our team can create custom flows and handle complex unique use cases. We have successfully implemented countless product, customer and order syncs between NetSuite and Shopify.



Take the power of review engines to the next level through custom integrations of engines like Yotpo and to optimize on-site reviews performance.


Product Information Management (PIM)

Fully integrate your PIM with Shopify Plus and continue using your internal processes to manage Shopify products.


Email and SMS Marketing

Our team is skilled at setting up and managing Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Constant Content, etc. We can handle custom integrations and events as well as flows and templates.



Connect your Shopify store with a fulfillment center or 3PL to create two way communication between your fulfillment and Shopify.


Shopify Scripts

Get creative with your offers, customer groups and promotions by leveraging Shopify Scripts.

Technology Partners. Power your business.

We partner with the best platforms in the industry. Whether you require a flexible open source tech stack to solve complex business problems or a user friendly SaaS solution, MTN Haus can deliver a solution to meet your needs.


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