Commerce Solutions

On-Time. On Budget.

MTN Haus is an end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider for Magento and Shopify. We design, develop and deliver products based around the end user experience. We provide solutions for both new or established DTC, B2B and B2C companies.

Technology Partners.

Power your business.

We partner with the best platforms in the industry. Whether you require a flexible open source tech stack to solve complex business problems or a user friendly SaaS solution, MTN Haus can deliver a solution to meet your needs.


We are extremely capable at helping brands solve their eCommerce problems. Our services range from initial strategy and design to development, implementation and support. We provide end-to-end technology solutions to meet our customers needs.


End-to-end commerce solutions for Magento and Shopify for DTC, B2C and B2B brands.


We are experts in the latest platforms, frameworks and tech stacks who create scalable solutions for your business.

Integrations & Custom Features

We handle third party integrations and have the ability to customize and create new features from scratch.

UX | UI Design

Our design is centered around creating unique user experiences that result in transactions.

Strategy + Consulting

Our unique business experience gives us a different perspective.

Replatforms & Upgrades

M1 to M2 or WooCommerce to Shopify. Community or Enterprise.

Ecommerce integrations for your business.

Simple solutions to complex problems.

Our partners make added features and integrations easy. We can help you fully leverage third party solutions that solve a wide range of eCommerce problems from new features and alternative payment processes to performance optimization and analytics.

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