We built businesses before we built an agency.

Brand Strategy

We are a team that solves problems. Our process is unique. Whether you are a new brand preparing for launch or an established brand that needs to determine what’s next, we are here to deliver measurable results for your business.



We create an executable plan that starts with a thorough content review and determine problem areas.  We ensure that you are are early adopters to the latest eCommerce features.  



We make sure you are leveraging the latest technologies, available AI features and automation.  These include advanced search, personalized merchandising and product recommendations, data driven custom support and marketing platforms.  



MTN Haus can handle your digital marketing channels including email and SMS marketing, Facebook Ads, funnels and upsells.  We can help you segment audiences, create budgets, determine ROI and tie all these together so you can have a data driven performance marketing plan.  


Business Objectives

Our team can create a clear plan with an executable roadmap and determine ROI for projects so your business can smash goals. 



Our team can handle keyword and link building, content planning and optimization, technical optimization and SEO audit.  

Technology Partners. Power your business.

We partner with the best platforms in the industry. Whether you require a flexible open source tech stack to solve complex business problems or a user friendly SaaS solution, MTN Haus can deliver a solution to meet your needs.


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